Pelatihan Internet Marketing Bagi Siswa/I SMK KARYA MUDA


  • Muhammad Ridwan Effendi
  • Danarti Hariani .





Karya Muda Vocational School is a tourism vocational school located in the city of Depok. Graduate of. The background to this Community Service activity is that based on the results of the preliminary interviews that have been conducted, it is important to prepare students who have the abilities and skills to be ready to enter the competitive world of work so as to support the fulfillment of these competencies. However, the school is faced with the problem of limited knowledge and understanding of the latest internet marketing as a provision for finding work and independent entrepreneurship among students. Based on the above, this activity aims to provide information to vocational school students/students regarding easy and practical ways to apply internet marketing which can provide students with basic knowledge and skills as provisions for finding work and entrepreneurship. The targets of this service activity are students of Karya Muda Vocational School, Depok, West Java.

The method used in this activity is a training/counseling method which includes basic internet marketing training carried out by students as preparation for finding work as well as taking advantage of business opportunities by utilizing information technology. Opportunities in the Digital Marketing sector include reducing numbers unemployment among teenagers and opening up wider opportunities and employment opportunities for teenagers/school age.


Keywords: Community Service, Digital Marketing, Online Business.




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